Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

The following set of criteria represents the basis upon which the submitted entries are evaluated by the judging panel. Books are evaluated based on the external appearance of the book, text, illustrations (if any), layout, and production.

Appearance & physical description

  • Quality of the bookbinding and ease in opening the book.
  • Paper quality.
  • Suitability of the size of the book to the target age group.
  • Suitability of the book's weight to the target age group.

Printing & production quality

  • Suitability of the font used for the target age group.
  • Organisation and sequence of the inside pages.
  • Clarity of the colours.
  • Quality of the paper used for the inside pages.

Book cover

  • Consistency between the cover illustration and the subject of the book.
  • Creativity of the cover artwork.
  • Quality of the paper used for the cover.
  • The front and back cover of the book should include the basic bibliographic information about the book, such as:
    1. Name of the Author
    2. Name of the Illustration
    3. Name of the Publishing House
    4. Year of Publication
    5. Place of Publication
    6. ISBN Number
    7. Classification Number
    8. Name of the Printing Press


  • Choice of title and the extent of its reflection of the book's subject.
  • The phrasing of the title.
  • The legibility of the book title.


  • Suitability of the content to the target age group.
  • Creativity in addressing the topic.
  • Presence of cultural authenticity and modern elements.
  • Credibility and logic in the presentation of the subject.
  • Incorporation of elements of suspense or elements that would stimulate the reader to continue reading.
  • Clarity and accessibility of the manner of delivering information.

Information Presented

  • Accuracy and precision of information presented.
  • Comprehensiveness in tackling the book's subject.
  • Suitability of the content and information presented for the target age group.

Language & Style

  • Suitability of the language and choice of words for the target age group.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary jargon and pretentious language.
  • Adherence to the rules of Arabic grammar.
  • The text should not contain spelling or typographical errors.

Layout, Production & Illustrations (if any)

  • Expressive quality of the illustrations.
  • Choice of space allocated to the illustrations and quality of the layout.
  • Clarity and neatness of illustrations.
  • Suitability of the illustrations to the target age group.
  • Harmony of the colours used in the illustrations.
  • Quality of the layout and design.

The jury also establishes general standards for chapter books and young adult books as follows:

  • Characters
  • Plot and suspense elements
  • Thread
  • Time and place
  • Text and the language used in terms of vocabulary, compositions, methods used and language compatibility with the target age group

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