Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • The entry form should be completed online in full for each entry.
  • A separate form must be completed for each book being submitted.
  • All fields are mandatory and must be completed.
  • In cases where the entrant has deliberately provided false or misleading information, the management of the Etisalat Award has the right to take any action, including legal, as it sees fit.
  • The following documents and copies must also be submitted:

  1. Seven non-returnable hard copies of the submitted title(s) to any of the categories.
  2.  One soft copy of each title submitted.
  3. One high resolution soft copy of the book cover for each title submitted.
  4. Copies of the contracts with the author and illustrator of the submitted title or a statement signed by both parties declaring that all rights have been legally surrendered by the author and illustrator to the publishing house.
  5. A profile of the publishing house.
  6. Up-to-date bios/profiles of the author and illustrator.
  7. A copy of the publisher's trade license or any document to prove the registration of the publishing house in its country of origin.
  8. Summaries of the submitted books.


The organizer may at its sole discretion decide to cancel and/or withhold in part or in whole any of the award categories or change the dates without participants being entitled to compensation of any kind.


Participation in the award categories is entirely free of charge and entails no obligation or commitment of any kind beyond the participation conditions set out in these regulations.

The UAEBBY shall have the right to use the shortlisted and winning books to promote the Award and for non-profit purposes only.

The call for submissions starts in april of each year the deadline for submitting entries and receiving the electronic version of the nominated entries is july 31 of each year the deadline for receiving hard copies of the nominated books is august 31 of each year

The phrase ‘Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature’ should appear on the envelope containing the submissions, and all envelopes should be sent to the following address:

Al Qasba – Block D – First Floor – Office 64

Sharjah P.O. Box: 1421

Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Tel +971 6 5195555

E-mail: info@uaebby.org.ae

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